Bioluminescent Mushrooms

Fungi Art: Bioluminescent Mushrooms - 3D Apophysis Fractal Art Desktop Wallpaper
Fractal Mushrooms

How were the fractal mushrooms generated?

I have been recently experimenting with 3D modeling capabilities in Apophysis 2.08 (3D Hack). As a learning experience, I decided to make fractal mushrooms. As far as I can gather, it is 3D “modeling” is accomplished by deformation of 3D primitives through transform variations such as conic, waves3D, and circlize. In this case of the bioluminescent mushrooms, the stem was generated by deformation of a cylinder using waves3D, and the cap was generated by deformation of a hemisphere using conic and circilizeXaos settings can be used to further manipulate space (in this case, 3D primitives) by fine-tuning interactions between individual transforms (i.e. adjusting weight modifiers to/from transforms).

This experiment is different from previous work in the respect that the recursive patterns that typically dominate fractal art are absent. Julia sets– a favorite among fractal artists– are still used to generate the base material (soil), lighting effects, and texture of the mushroom cap.

What are fractals?

In mathematics, a fractal is a self-similar subset of Euclidean space whose fractal dimension strictly exceeds its topological dimension. Fractals appear the same at different levels, as illustrated in successive magnifications of the Mandelbrot set; because of this, fractals are encountered ubiquitously in nature.

Fractals exhibit similar patterns at increasingly small scales called self similarity, also known as expanding symmetry or unfolding symmetry; if this replication is exactly the same at every scale, as in the Menger sponge,[5] it is called affine self-similar.


What is the connection between fractals and mushrooms?

People who sit in Shamanic Journey and Spiritual Healing on psychedelic mushrooms report seeing complex patterns of dimensional limitlessness, that seemed to be identical and intertwined irrespective of how deeply they looked at them; fractals. The little is a part and identical to the whole; representing the interconnectedness and infiniteness of life. This is NOT a hallucination. Our brain is not just forming these images, we are now just able to see what has always been there. Research has shown that the psychedelic experience actually creates a hyper-connected brain, bringing normally dormant networks to life, and puts the default mode network (DMN) to sleep temporarily.

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