3D Mandala “Energy Art”

Fractal Energy Art: 3D Mandala
3D Fractal Mandala – Energy Art

How was this “energy art” generated?

Fractal energy art generated in Apophysis 2.08 (3D Hack). I find mandalas quite appealing and wanted to have some fun generating 3D fractal versions of them. This fractal was generated using mainly hemisphere and julian3D transforms. Lighting effects were created by exploiting Triangle settings to move julian3D transforms great distances away from the primary transforms. Adding ztranslate helped separate individual “lights” from the primary fractal formation. Additionally, Xaos settings were used to mimic final transforms without actually enabling a final transform. (This comes in handy when adding post_depth to the final render.)

Fractal Energy Art: 3D Mandala - 3D Apophysis Fractal Art Desktop Wallpaper
3D Fractal Mandala – Plan View

This 3D fractal was also rendered in plan view so that you can appreciate the symmetry and fine details that characterize mandala art.

Download the desktop wallpaper: 1366×768

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