3D Microbiota Art - Microscopic Microbiome Bacteria Alien Sci-Fi Fractal Art Desktop Wallpaper
3D Fractal Microbiota

3D microbiota art generated using Apophysis 2.08 (3D Hack). Starting out with a simple diamond transform, subsequent layers were built up into a basic pinecone shape using varying amounts of ztranslate and julia3D. Each additional transform had increasing amounts of ztranslate (to bring each new layer of scales higher up in the +z dimension) and decreasing amounts of julia3D (to make the diameter of the each new upper layer smaller than layer directly beneath it). Additionally, the lower layers had higher amounts of the julia3d_power variable than the higher layers. The julia3d_power variable can be tweaked to add or subtract scales from each layer of the cone.

After an entire microbiotic “pinecone” was modeled, additional cones were simply generated using linear transforms.

Xaos settings can be used to further manipulate space by fine-tuning interactions between individual transforms (i.e. adjusting weight modifiers to/from transforms). In this case, the original diamond transform was set to invisible in color settings and from values of other transforms were set to zero in Xaos settings in order to remove the original diamond from the display.

Additionally, the post_depth and sineblur transformation variations were used in the Final Transform (+FX) to improve depth of field.

Download the desktop wallpaper: 1024×768 · 1366×768 · 1920×1080

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