Pagosa Springs LogoI offer affordable graphic design, web design, session piano, and instrumental music production for individuals and businesses within the southwestern Colorado area, including Pagosa Springs, Bayfield, Durango, and Ignacio, CO. I also provide services for businesses and individuals online. Contact me to set up an appointment or inquire about my services.

Music Composition, Arrangement, and Production

I offer acoustic piano, keyboards, synths, and digital orchestration at highly affordable rates, starting at $75/track. Each track includes original WAV and MIDI files.

Blue Fractal Piano

I play a digital grand piano with an RH3 (“Real Hammer“) keybed that sounds and feels like an acoustic grand piano. Each composition is recorded with a digital metronome (optional) using my Korg Kronos Music Workstation. The advantage to using a digital metronome is that the BPM is highly precise and can be modified easily for future revisions.

I offer unlimited revisions and can produce a rough draft in under 3 days and a completed track in as little as 7 days.

My work is guaranteed for life. Should you need any revisions after the project is completed, I can provide them free of charge.

Graphic Design: Book Covers

Graphic Design: Felo-De-Se by R. A. Monroe“What if the only family you ever loved was already dead? For Raine, she loves only those she embalms. In Felo De Se, Raine must love herself in order to ultimately love another and by doing so unveils a heart wrenching tragedy into the depths of her frail ennui that unravels at the seams. This book will serve as a philosophical fictional platform with lyrical freshness that adapts to our modern times as it allows us to not only question the answer, but the question itself.”

Book cover design for Felo-De-Se, a novel written by local Pagosa Springs author, R. A. Monroe. The book is available for purchase locally at BookEnds and Terry’s Ace Hardware. The author came to me requesting a dark cemetery theme with the title of the book featured within the entrance gate. The book cover was designed using Vue 6 xStream and post-processed in Adobe Photoshop. It was rendered at 600 dpi for print.

Graphic Design: Album Covers

Graphic Design: Spectral by Solarhythmia - Music Album CoverAlbum cover design for my fantasy ambient album, Spectral. The 3D landscape was designed using Vue 6 xStream and the overall cover was designed in Adobe Photoshop. It was rendered at 72 dpi for web display and download.

WordPress Web Design

Wordpress DesignWebsite design using WordPress, a free and open-source content management system. All websites are fully functional, easy to maintain, mobile-friendly, and search engine optimized for enhanced web presence.