Cosmic Atlantis

3D Fractal: Cosmic Atlantis

One of the great things about experimenting with fractals in Apophysis is that those experiments can take you down a creative pathway, in which your original render (3d fractal) transforms into something very different:

Stage 1: Connections3D Fractal: Connections

Stage 2: The Cosmic Egg3D Fractal: Cosmic Egg

Stage 3: The Outpost3D Fractal: Cosmic Outpost

Stage 4: The Cosmic Eye3D Fractal: Cosmic Eye

Stage 5: Supernova3D Fractal: Supernova

Final Stage: Cosmic Atlantis3D Fractal: Cosmic Atlantis

The last two stages incorporated the waves2 transform, which I thought brought together the julian3d transforms and central hemisphere transform rather nicely. The city of “Atlantis” inside the central hemisphere (click on image to enlarge) was created simply by setting a small, positive z-scale to a smaller hemisphere transform. This accentuated the effects of the various transforms already present. Additionally, Xaos settings were used to manipulate reflections and object/pattern recurrence.

Desktop Wallpaper: 1366×768